Home Inspector | What To Look For

If you’re buying a new home in Tampa, it’s very important to have a home inspector take a look at the home first first. The right home inspector can save you a lot of heartache and money if your new dream home is about to turn into a nightmare. Unfortunately, the wrong home inspector won’t be of much help. Here are some tips on picking a good one.

Basic Credentials

A reputable home inspector will be licensed where required by law and will be a member of a professional home inspection organization. The best inspectors often have a background working in the building industry. If you’re buying an older home or one you know is a fixer-upper, try to find a home inspector who specializes in rehabilitation or has extensive experience with older homes.

Your Presence

Even if you can’t be present at the home inspection, ask your inspector if it would be alright to meet him at the property and be present for the inspection. A reputable inspector will not take issue with this request. If the inspector hesitates or prefers you not be present, move on to another inspector.


Ask your home inspector Tampa how long the inspection will take. A thorough home inspection is a time consuming affair. If your inspector says he can be in and out on an hour or under two, assume he won’t be doing a thorough inspection. Home inspections take two to three hours on average and the inspection of an older property, fixer-upper or large home should take even longer.

Written Reports

A written report shows you exactly what the home inspector found and is frequently required by mortgage lenders. A report should contain an overview of the home’s condition, make note of any maintenance items that are due and a list of major repairs. Verify that you will receive a written summary of the inspection and that your inspector is willing to work with you if the mortgage company requests a special report format or additional information.