The FHA home inspection and why you need it.

If the loan you’re applying for is FHA backed, certain property condition standards must be met before your loan will be approved. They’re primarily health and safety standards that have been implemented by the FHA. At buyer’s cost, an FHA Home inspection by a licensed FHA inspector operates to verify that structural and mechanical components of the home are safe, and the home is habitable for use as a residence.

The structural inspection
In the structural component of the inspection, the FHA inspector will be looking at the condition of the following:

  • Roof
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Foundation

Inspectors are particularly interested in whether there has been any water damage to the home’s framing or foundation through the roof from missing or damaged shingles or flashing that needs repair. The inspector will also check the home’s grading and whether surface water drains away from the home’s foundation.

The mechanical inspection
The mechanical systems of a home are inspected to verify that they’re in good operating condition and not a threat to the health and safety to the new residents. Those systems consist of:

  • Electrical switches and outlets
  • Wiring
  • Hot water heater condition
  • Pluming and water pressure
  • Plumbing

Other miscellaneous items are also inspected for any risks to the new residents.

Any issues raised by the inspector involving the structural components or mechanical systems of the home must be repaired or replaced by licensed contractors . A second inspection is then conducted to verify repair or replacement.

Remember that your FHA inspection is entirely different than the FHA appraisal. The inspection benefits both you and your lender. It operates in your favor as you’re more likely to stay in a fully functioning and habitable home that doesn’t avail you to the burden and expense of significant repairs from the start. If economic times get tough, you’re also more likely to continue paying your mortgage if your home is a fully functional and pleasant place to live in.