Wind Mitigation

Wind Mitigation Inspection-What Can It Do For You?
A windstorm mitigation inspection is a type of home inspection more common in areas of the southeast coastal areas of the United States that determines a home’s the readiness of a structure in the event of strong winds. In Florida, this is particularly applicable to hurricane home preparation. There are a number of items windstorm inspections look for to evaluate how appropriate a home is for high wind conditions:

  • Presence of roof-wall attachments, i.e. toe clips and hurricane straps
  • Secondary water resistance barriers
  • Shutters and opening protections
  • Gable end bracing
  • Concrete block construction
  • Hip roofing

The presence of these items has been shown to reduce loss during hurricanes and other instances of high winds. Not only does a windstorm mitigation inspection protect your home in poor weather conditions, but with submission of the findings a buyer may be able to lower windstorm insurance rates with a satisfactory report. Here in Florida, up to 45% of the original policy’s premium may be returned to the home owner if many of these items are found on a windstorm mitigation inspection.

Beryl Project Engineering’s certified inspectors will provide you with a report of your home’s wind-readiness based on home age, shape, construction type, doors and windows, and roof type and covering. Call today to get hurricane ready in the Tampa Bay area and save yourself insurance premium dollars!