Tampa, Florida, is truly a seller’s market because it is a prime market for first-time home buyers. You can prepare yourself for prime potential buyers and strong purchase negotiations by contracting for a home inspection in Tampa before placing your home on the market. You can also do yourself a favor and prepare yourself for a home inspection by taking some specific actions to improve your home’s chances of a clean inspection report.

Small improvements or enhancements can go a long way in making a favorable impression on potential buyers. They can also keep the list of small issues down to a minimum on the home inspection report. Your home inspection professional can answer any questions about other items you may want to address before placing your home on the market.

Choose a Reputable Home Inspector

About 84% of all home buyers have an inspection before purchasing the home. Local prospective buyers will have a home inspection in Tampa to learn as much as possible about the condition of the home. Do yourself a favor and choose a reputable home inspector to perform your own pre-marketing home inspection.

A home inspection in Tampa by a reputable inspector from Beryl Project Engineering will keep you from any surprise findings during the buyer’s inspection. You can then make appropriate decisions about making repairs or disclosing problems and offering a lower purchase price. This can sometimes be an advantageous course of action to spare you major expense and headaches.

Make Some Minor Repairs

You live in the home – so you likely know some items that already need repair. Leaky faucets or toilets, loose or inoperative electrical outlets, broken trim or worn weatherstripping are all smaller issues you can repair easily and cheaply yourself. They are sure to get tagged on an inspection report so fix them now to avoid a long list of small items.

A long list of small repair items on a home inspection in Tampa may serve to unnerve some potential buyers. All they see is a long list of problems regardless of how small the issues are to fix. Perceptions are important. That long list may cause them to hesitate or move on to more promising potential homes.

Change Filters and Batteries

A home inspection in Tampa will examine the HVAC system and all smoke, radon and carbon monoxide detectors in the home for functionality. Dead batteries and clogged filters will surely earn a mark on the inspection report and demand replacement. Go ahead and do it before the inspection to erase that potential mark and shorten the list of small issues that may be discouraging to buyers.

An older home without smoke, radon or carbon monoxide detectors would benefit from installing them in the appropriate rooms and spaces. This is not so large an expense that adds measurable value and safety awareness to the home. It can also make a very favorable impression on potential buyers.

Provide Clear Access to All Parts of Your Home

Your home inspection professional will not move furniture or other items or force entry into blocked or locked spaces. They will simply make a notation on the inspection report that access was restricted or denied and that part of the home was not inspected. This can appear suspicious to buyers when they view a copy of the inspection report.

Open access doors and remove all clutter or furniture to allow the inspector full and unrestricted access to all parts of your home. Your openness to allow the inspector everywhere shows that you have nothing to hide and wish to be an honest partner in the selling of your home.

Beryl Project Engineering provides sound, unbiased home inspections in Tampa for both buyers and sellers. Call or message us online today to schedule your inspection by our Master Home Inspector.