home inspectionA structural inspection, also called an engineering inspection, is a professional assessment of the structural elements of a home such as the foundation and framing. A structural engineer can tell a home buyer about the integrity of the home and give a good estimate as to how much longer the home is expected to be in good condition for. Most states in the United States of America require all structural inspectors to be professional engineers.

Structural Inspector vs. Home Inspector

When it comes to a home inspection vs. a structural inspection, the difference is in the detail. A home inspector spends about 2-3 hours doing a visual survey of all aspects of the home. They look at the interior, exterior, foundation, roof, electrical, plumbing and heating/cooling systems. None of the observations go in depth and home inspectors are not professional plumbers, electricians, architects, or roofers. A home inspector’s job is to assess the current overall state of the home.

A structural inspector focuses on the structural condition of the house from the foundation to the roof, including the walls, studs, and support beams. An engineer will define the probable load paths connects the roof and the ground and ensure that these are all in good condition. A structural inspector should be able to identify post-construction building distortions and map out each floor of the home with documentation of structural damage as small as a hole in the drywall or as large as a crack through the foundation.

Where to Find Structural Inspectors?

The first place to check is with your relator. They may have a good connection to a reliable structural inspector/engineer. Websites such as Angie’s List also have listings for structural engineers in your area with reviews on each! If you are in the Tampa Florida area, contact Beryl Project Engineering for a structural inspection today!