VA Home Inspector

VA Home Inspector | The credibility of a VA home inspector’s report can ultimately save a homebuyer from a hefty financial loss. It is always important to view a sample report before hiring a home inspector, to make it sure that the offered services are professional and reliable. But what does it look like; how the content should be presented and what aspects a VA home inspector’s report should have — these are the grey areas which consumers or first time home buyers may not be aware of.

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On Surface

A VA home inspector’s report should discuss the major home systems holistically, explaining in detail the associated components and the current, as well as presaged status of those components. This evaluated status should be sectioned per different home systems or different areas of a home. The overall layout of a report should be narrative rather than a checklist.

Probing Through

To ascertain the credibility, the report needs a bit of deeper probing. Where an issue has been encountered during the inspection it should be briefly introduced, transcending into a narrative status, and finally ending off with the inspector’s recommendation. Recommendations are all too important, and they should be self explanatory rather than too technical for the customer to execute the required steps.

Neatly Evidenced

Pointing out flaws is one thing, corroborating observations with evidence is what makes a VA home-inspector’s report look credible. Search out for snapshots or other evidences that back the observation of an inspector. This will not only help you better understand the associated problems, but it would also make the report look more credible.

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