VA Home Inspector

Now a days, a VA home inspector plays a vital role in the real estate business. Whenever we are on a lookout for a new home, the services of a VA home inspector comes as a blessing that stops us from making a wrong decision.

Why Is a VA Home Inspector Important?

Say, you finally find your dream house. The exterior looks spectacular and the garden is to-die-for. The interior is not far behind. All the walls are whitewashed and the floors look shiny. You sign the deal and the house is yours. After a few days, the plumbing fails and the electricity sockets start short circuiting.

Why did this happen?

It’s because you approved of what was on the surface and did not look at the house’s foundation. If you had hired a VA home inspector, you would never have fallen into this trouble.

The duty of the VA home inspector is to make sure that every place of the house is in working condition. From the roof to the basement and everything in between, he takes notes and documents it via pictures. The report is later compiled to show what kind of repairs you will be taking on if you bought the house.

The Benefit of Hiring an Independent VA Home Inspector

It is better to hire a VA home inspector that does not work at the same company who is selling you the real estate. Following are some reasons why you should hire an independent VA home inspector:

  • The inspector will not try to oversell the place on behalf of the real estate agency
  • He will not sugarcoat any of the problematic details
  • He will give you a detailed report of all the damages so that you can make an informed decision

The most important thing is that the inspector will not hide anything from since they are not working under any pressure to close the deal. Beryl Engineering and Inspection is an independent company that offers the services of residential home inspection. Their VAhome inspectors are highly certified at their job. For further information about their service, call at (813) 358-0379.