VA Home Inspections for Condos – Are They Necessary?

Condos are today’s most popular home ownership that doesn’t require major labor involved in ownership of single homes and properties.

Still, individuals who choose a condo should always have a VA home inspection even if the local municipality doesn’t require it. In many municipalities, a certificate of occupancy won’t be approved unless a licensed home inspector or FHA home inspector performs a VA home inspection of the condo. This is also true of 203k consultants authorized to perform VA home inspections for new built condos or existing condos.

A VA home inspection for condos is a necessity after the condo is purchased and occupants have moved in. In most cases, a newly built condo may have unseen flaws that develop within the first years of ownership due to faulty design or substandard construction materials.

An existing condo may have undergone certain remodeling changes that produce other types of flaws or problems that a 203k consultant will identify and report to HUD during condo housing projects.

Ensure Condo Construction Integrity

Since most new condo owners don’t always see actual construction of condos they’ve purchased, they may be unaware of issues related to types of materials used in construction.

Most potential condo buyers assume the municipality performed an inspection at time of completion of building projects. During construction, weather, wear and erosion can be factors in the integrity of construction materials.

To verify the integrity of the construction of the condo purchased, potential buyers should check to see which types of inspections have been performed at time of construction, by whom and seek a full report of inspection findings.

Confidence in Condo Ownership

Problems that develop long after occupancy are avoided by condo owners taking the time to have a 203k consultant, FHA home inspector or a licensed, professional VA home inspector provide the confidence and assurance condo structures are safe for occupancy.

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