Use A Structural Inspection to Value Your Home

Buying your first home is a huge investment and if it’s something you have already done, you understand the importance of inspections to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. When you go to sell that home, it may surprise you that more inspections may need to be done, including a structural inspection.

A structural inspection analyzes the structure or skeleton of your home from the foundation through the retaining walls and up to the roof. A home’s structure is what determines the safety and integrity of the home and has a key role in determining a home’s value.

Getting a structural inspection is a good place to start when you are deciding to sell your home. A structural inspector can help you to determine what condition and value your house is now, but also what the value could be if you made updates or improvements to the structure.

A thorough and in-depth structural inspection will include a description of the property from a structural point of view such as the type of foundation or style of roof. The report will indicate the inspector’s opinion on structural systems comprising the home.  Moreover, the report will describe the defects and their cause, while providing solutions with their estimated costs.

At Beryl’s Project Engineering, the licensed structural inspectors are able to also make referrals to outside companies that can help you complete any major rehabbing work that needs to be completed. The price of your home is what the buyers will pay attention to first, but the value is what will sell your home. Make sure that you sure your structural inspection to increase the value of your home and plan on needing some possible repairs completed before showing your home to potential buyers.