Structural Inspection

Structural Inspection Q&A | Tampa | Homeowners often have a lot of questions regarding structural inspections. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that people have when they start their search for a structural engineering inspector.

Q:What is a structural inspection?

A: This is an inspection used to analyze the structure of a building to ensure that it’s safe for occupants. Some of the most common areas of a home that are inspected for signs of structural stress include

• basement,

• crawl space,

• exterior,

• foundation,

• interior, and

• roof.

The goal of this inspection is to ensure that a building is structurally sound to support its own weight. Engineers not only inspect for damage, but also provide an explanation of what can be done to fix the problem. The Home Owner will also receive an estimate on the cost.

Q: What to look for in a structural engineer?

A: A structural engineer requires a Professional Engineering Licenses. It’s important for homeowners to know how to look for a trustworthy and knowledgeable professional. Look for experts with years of experience, and always ask for a list of references to contact.

Q: Are porches and decks included in inspections?

A: Yes. All exterior structures attached to your house are included in a structural inspection. This includes other attached structures such as garages. These structures are checked for general stability.

Q: How does a person know when they need a structural inspection?

A: It’s important to always have an inspection done before selling or buying a house. You should also have an inspection done if you’re having any kind of significant renovation work done. Furthermore, look for signs of structural damage such as cracks in foundations and walls. These are signs that your home is under structural stress.