Residential Inspections | A home is the largest thing most people buy in their lifetimes, and they want their real estate to appreciate in value over time. Many feel passionate about a particular house or fall in love with something at first sight, but it is absolutely critical that future homeowners – first time or not – remember the significance of a proper home inspection before getting carried away.

When a home is selected, many homeowners-to-be immediately start decorating and picking out paint swatches in their mind. But making an offer on a home for sale and having it accepted is only the first of many steps before decorating can commence. Finding a good home inspection company is truly the first thing that needs to happen after a home has been selected.

The home inspection is a critical step in the home buying process. With a traditional home loan, or mortgage, the home inspection is intended to verify the purchaser is buying a home that is structurally sound. It also identifies any needed repairs. A good home inspection company will make sure the foundation is sound, the roof is intact, and the water heater is functioning – among dozens of other items on a thorough checklist. That report is then considered as negotiations continue. Frequently a buyer might request discounts or credits for big ticket items that were found not to work during the inspection.

For a 203k loan, or a home improvement loan, a consultant is needed to make sure the project will take off and can be completed within budget. Because it is both a home purchase and a home improvement wrapped up into the same loan, a consultant is critical to ensuring that the selected contractor is successful. They are also vital to making sure that the project is reasonable and on budget.

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