Project Management

Project Management Services in Tampa FL

Through scope definition up front, Beryl will assist you in preventing a contractor from under-estimating themselves in the door while trying to use change orders to turn a profit. Beryl’s project management services include defining client needs, preparing bid documents, tendering, bid analysis, and contractor negotiations. Projects can include planning, facilities, renovations, repairs, rehabilitations, and remodeling.

Bidding Project Management Services

Beryl understands how confusing it can be to find the right vendor. Whether it’s an architect to redesign a remediation or the general contractor to perform the work, you’ll need guidance so you can compare apples to apples instead of chalk to cheese. Beryl will develop the framework for your Request for Proposals, advertise the document “on the street,” and then assist in qualifying and shortlisting firms for you. You’ll feel more confident in your decision and happier with that vendor’s results.

Beryl can perform reference checks to qualify a vendor’s ability to meet the schedule and budget, a life cycle cost analysis for a proposal, risk matrix, the creation of technical and financial reports comparing vendors, and presentations to stakeholders.

Contract Administration/Monitoring

Scope/Contract Negotiations: Beryl draws upon a broad range of construction and contract administration experience to provide scope and contract negotiations for clients between contractors helping you get the right services for the right price from your contractors.

Beryl serves as your eyes and ears in the field with regards to executing the provisions of contractor agreements. Beryl represents your interests in seeing that the contractor provides the work per specifications without cutting corners. Beryl can also verify that the contractor billings are in line with that work acting as an intermediary between you and them.

Reserve Study

reserve study is a budgetary planning tool that is both a physical analysis of your property and a financial analysis of your funding strategy. Beryl uses the Community Associations Institute National Reserve Study Standards as a baseline to create or update your custom Reserve Study. Florida Statutes requires Home Owner and Condominium Associations to fund a reserve account for certain capital expenditures and deferred maintenance, which is expected to exceed $10,000.

The reserve contribution must be computed using a formula which is based upon the estimated remaining useful life and the estimated replacement cost or deferred maintenance expenditure for each reserve item. Reserve study Includes:

  • Easy to Read and Understand Report
  • Identify Qualifying Assets
  • Establish Replacement Costs
  • Determine Useful Life
  • Project Remaining Life
  • Compute Funding Requirements
  • Finding and Recommendations
  • Charts, Graphs, and Photographs

Independent Engineering Certification

To review project status on behalf of a lender, developer, or owner, Beryl reviews each drawdown notice and issues an independent engineering certificate.

The independent engineer certificate states:

  1. The status and progress of the project’s construction;
  2. To the best of the independent engineer’s knowledge, circumstances exist that would, or would reasonably be expected to (A) delay project completion or (B) cause the project cost to exceed the construction budget; and
  3. To the best of the independent engineer’s knowledge and using its professional judgment, the invoices attached to the draw down notice and pursuant to a contract that forms part of the construction budget and the work/goods have been inspected by the independent engineer and considered acceptable.

Project Status Reporting

Beryl’s project status reports promote public awareness of how and when your money is being utilized. These periodic reports are catered to stakeholders with a summary overview for the project. They include a description of the work completed, activities performed during the month, activities for upcoming months, cash flow statement, permitting activities, and an overall schedule update.

You save both time and money by making informed decisions. Beryl understands that having a secure central and organized repository of information available 24/7 is a means towards that end. Beryl creates a custom document control system that tracks and routes information.

Beryl creates a critical path method schedule to establish baselines and to track progress. Beryl then performs an analysis of contractor progress from these updates. This information helps validate if a contractor is going to be able to maintain their commitments.

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