Permit Closure Letter

Permit Closure Letter | House flipping is gaining momentum in real estate. House flipping means buying houses at a lower price, renovating, and selling them within a short period of time to gain profits.

Do house flippers make profit? Yes.
Can you make a good amount of money by flipping houses? Yes.

But that’s not always the case as you might end up spending too much money on the house with no one buying it, forcing you to pay mortgage and other rentals.

Before you get started in this trade, here are some key aspects to keep in mind:

Beware of the Market

You need to be familiar with the real estate market and its demands. The property you want to invest in must be located in vicinity buyers would prefer so that you won’t face any losses later on. Be attentive towards the properties up for sale and make sure the prices are lower than the actual market or else you won’t make any profit.

Classify Legal Stipulations

Before moving on to purchase a property, ensure it does not have any legal hindrances. According to the state law, you will need the services of a company providing Engineering Affidavit or Permit Closure Letter, if the current permit has expired. Do not be stuck in a situation where you need an Engineering Affidavit or Permit Closure Letter to complete your transaction and incur more holding fees while waiting on the building department. It is wise to get these Engineering Affidavit or Permit Closure Letter during the rehabilitation so you are clear title when selling.

Find an Advisor

If you have heard about a successful house flipper, hire their services and compensate them by giving a percentage out of your profit. You will learn a lot from the expertise of a mentor by your side.

Start Renovations

Once all the paper work is done and dusted, you can start the repairs and finalize your project to be made up for sale.

Locate a Reputed Estate Agent

When you are finished with building the house, it is preferable to hire the services of an experienced realtor as they are aware of the market situations and will get you a good price.

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