Permit Closure Letter

Finding a house to live in or a building for setting up an office is not an easy task. However, what is more frustrating is to find out that the ideal house has an open permit requiring a permit closure letter. Having an open or an expired permit letter means that the property may not be legal to occupy, according to the Florida Building Code.

Yet, the problem can be solved simply through the use of a Permit Closure Letter written by a Professional Engineer. A closed permit letter can be attained with an inspection and filing with the County. However, before we get to that part, here are three reasons to have a permit closure letter.

  1. Making Things Legal

Owning a property with an open or an expired permit letter means that you are technically breaking the law. You won’t be able to do future work on the property until you bring the property back into compliance. Therefore, it is necessary that all permits are closed out before you close on the property.

  1. An Engineering Affidavit

Many counties will not allow the Contractor to close out their own expired permit. The County wants a neutral third party to prepare the Engineering Affidavit that functions at the permit closure letter. This neutral inspection allows the County to close out the permit.

  1. Helps You With Insurance

Do you know that if any property devoid of a permit closure letter is damaged in any natural calamity, it may not be covered by insurance? Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of all the open permits on a property to ensure that you can acquire insurance on those components.

These are some of the many benefits of a permit closure letter. If you find yourself in a situation where the property you own has open permits, all you need to do is contact Beryl Project Engineering and we will bring your permit closure to you. Do not wait and call now at (813) 358-0405.