Permit Closure Letter

Benefits of Getting a Permit Closure Letter

You have finally found a house that is similar to the one you have always dreamed about. It’s the house you will settle down in with your family and you cannot wait to move in. However, as soon as you ask for the house papers, you find out that it has an expired or an open permit. Do not panic yet because you still have an option to make this house pass the county rules.

At Beryl Engineering and Inspection, we make sure that you get your dream house by taking care of your permit closure letter. If the previous owner filed for a permit closure letter for the pool or a new roof within the Florida Building Code but it was not closed, we will take care of this for you.

Following are the benefits of hiring our permit closure letter service:

  • Protection against Fraud

A house found in violation to the Florida Building Code makes you an accessory in fraud. Therefore, it is necessary that you find out if your property has an illegal construction or not. This will help you make everything on your property legal and yours.

  • Provides You with an Insurance Policy

Any object or construction that has an open permit will not qualify for insurance if destroyed in a natural disaster or due to some accident. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything on your property has a legal reason to be there so you can get insurance on it.

  • Hazard Report Support

If the construction drawings are not stamped by a registered architect or engineer, you will not have an idea about the open permits. We make sure that you get the final picture of the building with the engineering affidavit so that you can finally close the permit. This gives you an unbiased view of the possible dangers associated with the house.

If you have any open permits that needs to be taken care of, then call us at (813) 358-0405 to get the proceedings of your permit closure letter started.