One of the most serious mistakes prospective homeowners can make is to purchase a newly built home without having a professional home inspection. Many people erroneously believe that new construction will have undergone enough inspections throughout the building process and that a home inspection is not necessary. Purchasing any home without a home inspection in Tampa can lead to serious problems.

Local Government Certifications are NOT Professional Home Inspections

Newly built homes should have no problems. Local government inspectors have already passed them on several required inspections before they can be certified as livable. But local government agencies do not perform professional, comprehensive home inspections. They only certify that the home meets minimum building standards. You should not settle for minimums when you are investing many thousands of dollars in a newly built home.

A home inspection in Tampa, from Beryl’s Certified Master Inspectors, reviews the home’s major systems and important components from the top to the bottom of your home. Our experienced home inspectors can detect signs that reveal underlying problems that the inexperienced person will not recognize. A professional home inspection in Tampa can potentially save you many headaches in the future with significant problems.

Common Issues with Newly Constructed Homes

Older structures will often have many of the same common problems. Issues like mold, leaky roofs, worn-out HVAC equipment and drafty windows can be expected. Newly constructed homes have their own particular brand of issues that can typically be revealed during a professional home inspection in Tampa. Some of these problems can include:

  • Failure to follow the construction plans
  • Inappropriate/last-minute additions
  • Poor workmanship
  • Warped floors
  • Joists weakened by improperly installed HVAC ducts
  • Bad wiring
  • Leaky plumbing
  • Poor drainage around the foundation
  • Improperly installed appliances
  • Poor seals around vents
  • Inadequate insulation

The cost of a professional home inspection pales in comparison next to the potentially huge expenditures of purchasing a defective home, and are left to shoulder the burden of significant repairs. A number of serious defects with the home could possibly cause the potential buyer to back out of the deal. It could also force a reduction in price or the builder may need to make the repairs before a buyer would agree to the purchase.

Get a Quality Home Inspection in Tampa

The time to discover any deficiencies with a newly built home is before you close the deal and are left with huge costs to correct all the hidden faults. A home inspection in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering can provide valuable information to facilitate you making the best possible decisions before investing thousands of dollars in a defective property.

Construction workers can make honest mistakes. Contractors can attempt to cut corners in order to save construction costs. The average prospective homeowner is unaware of what to look for or how to recognize construction mistakes or shortcuts. The home you will purchase for your family should be safe and well-built to last for many decades. A home inspection in Tampa is the first step to make sure the home you want to purchase is a sound investment.

Beryl home inspections meet or exceed the InterNACHI Standards of Practice for home inspections. Your home inspection from Beryl is also covered by the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee to provide extra peace of mind about the quality and reliability of your inspection. We provide easy-to-read, computerized inspection reports along with pertinent images within 36 hours of completing your inspection. Our inspectors are also available to explain things on the report you may not understand.

Call or message us online to inquire about a home inspection in Tampa before you purchase a newly built home.