home inspection,A permit closure letter is something you have probably never heard of, especially if all of your building projects have been handled by a contractor or project manager like Beryl’s. If you are trying to manage a building project yourself; there are a few things you need to know about and one is the importance of the permit closure letter that you will need to write.

A permit closure letter is also called an Engineering Affidavit. This document is a protection against fraud for the home seller. This affidavit proves that your home passes building code standards. Many people build, but not all of them possess the correct and legal permits. Many counties in Florida, including Hillsborough County, have made it mandatory that all new construction is built to current codes and local development codes.

Without closing out your permits, you will not be able to sell your home in most states, including Florida. Having open permits will also prohibit any future work from being started or permits from being issued because the previous ones are still open. This can slow down future repairs that are needed.

Home buyers must also have a permit closure letter to obtain homeowners insurance on their new home. If your home is older and has expired or open permits, your home will not meet mitigation standards for home owner’s insurance in Florida. A permit closure letter also gives buyers an unbiased view on the dangers associated with a home’s location because the closure letter supports the detailed hazard report for the property.

Permit closure letters are the final step in a building project. This is an important step that should always be remembered because it will save the homeowner and future homeowners time and money when they are looking to renovate again or sell the home. If you need help obtaining a permit closure letter, contact Beryl Project Engineering!