A structural inspection assesses the condition of a home’s structure. A structural inspection is optional but is a very good idea for home buyers who are looking to make wise decisions about their investments. These inspections focus on some of the most important potential defects in a home that affect the safety and integrity of the structure such as unsupported roofs, chimney defects, foundation issues, retaining walls that are not to code and other major and costly projects.

Do I need a Structural Inspection?

Structural Inspections are done before closing on a home and can be very beneficial for negotiating repairs or cost with the seller. Inspections are always the burden of the buyer so if a full home inspection is not feasible at the time, a structural inspection is the next best, and next cheapest, way to verify your home is safe and prepare a budget for any future repairs as well.

The structural engineer who comes out to the property for the inspection will asses the interior and exterior of the home for structural deficiencies including the roof and any sub-floor spaces.

What Does a Structural Inspection Include?

While inspections may vary from company to company, most will include these elements:

  • Identifying any potential current or future safety hazards related to the structure of the home
  • Pointing out issues that will require significant repair work
  • Predicting future problems based on current environmental conditions
  • Assessing the overall structural integrity of the home
  • Providing a description of the home including foundation, floor, ceiling, roof
  • Can determine causes of defects and outline a remedy
  • Give a general cost estimate for repairs

Beryl is not a construction company and can offer home buyers a neutral position of a home’s integrity without trying to upsell construction services and costly renovations. Reach out to Beryl today for a structural inspection on your future home.