Home buyers and sellers routinely contract the services of a home inspector in Tampa during purchase negotiations. Most people think this is the only need for a home inspector. But an experienced home inspector in Tampa can be of great benefit if you own rental or vacation property in the area. Tampa and the surrounding environs are popular destinations that see lots of traffic each year. When was the last time your rental or vacation property had a thorough inspection?

Rental Properties

Tampa is a great place to live and there are many rental options available for those who do not wish to have the responsibilities of owning a home. Owners of rental properties have a legal and moral responsibility to keep their properties safe and usable for tenants. Wear and tear are inevitable when a property is being used and regular inspections by the owner are prudent and warranted.

But how many property owners can spot signs of deterioration or damage? Water damage is insidious in that it can be hidden for a long time until something catastrophic occurs. A home inspector in Tampa is trained and experienced in recognizing subtle and often unnoticed signs of damages. Catching these problems early can result in much cheaper repairs.

Beryl Project Engineering recommends having a complete home inspection of your rental properties every two to three years or at least before new tenants move in. Call us to ask about inspections for your Tampa area rental properties.

Vacation Properties

Tampa is a splendid location for vacations. Many families come from cooler climates to enjoy the Florida sun. Your vacation rental properties will typically see lots of traffic throughout the year. Many families coming and going and using your property means lots of wear and tear from normal use. Engaging a rental management company to handle routine inspections before and after guests use the property is prudent.

But most of these companies only handle routine maintenance and general cleaning between rental appointments. They do not have the expertise or time to perform a thorough property inspection and cannot be expected to recognize signs of damage or wear. A Beryl home inspector in Tampa can perform a complete inspection to help you keep your vacation property safe and in great condition.

Call a Beryl Home Inspector in Tampa Today

Beryl home inspections can be scheduled to your convenience for busy property owners. This includes evening and weekend inspections to avoid renters. Your inspection report will be available within 36 hours of completing your inspection. This will allow you to address any concerns revealed by the inspection in between renters and keep your operations running smoothly. Call Beryl Project Engineering today and ask about the services of a home inspector in Tampa.