Manufactured/Tie-Down Inspection

Mobile houses can often cause problems for homeowners, who are not aware of the laws that apply to them. People often buy these convenient houses and then struggle to maintain them properly due to lack of knowledge. We believe that people need some knowledge to correctly identify the need for a manufactured/tie-down inspection.

Here, we describe a mobile house and then explain its inspection requirements per a timeline that suits its owners.

What is a Mobile House?

A mobile home is simply a caravan which is permanently installed at a location. This permanent installation needs to be supported by tie-downs and proper anchoring methods. Mobile homeowners need to ensure that their house is properly supported and is locked down per the state laws regarding these caravan homes.

Fulfilling the Home Requirements

There are many requirements that buyers have to fulfill regarding a manufactured home. The manufactured/tie-down inspection in this regard, helps them ensure that their house obeys all the laws that apply to a house. We perform excellent inspections that can cover all the key points required by lender FHA and HUD requirements.

Our inspectors inform clients about the use of the right construction materials as well as assess the masonry work done in such homes. We inform clients about simple requirements such as installing a skirting and using treated wood in the important sections.

When to Call FHA Home Inspectors?

The right time to call for a manufactured/tie-down inspection is when an individual is looking to either buy a mobile house or evaluate it for selling in the recent future and is seeking  FHA financing. Our FHA home inspectors can help the clients in an ideal manner, by ensuring that they carefully examine the property for all the anchoring and tie-down requirements, especially in Tampa, Florida and Lakeland, Florida.

We are always available to perform manufactured/tie-down inspections. Call now at (813) 358-0412 and learn more about such inspections from our dedicated team.