Manufactured Home/Tie-Down Inspection | Know The Facts

When you are considering the sale or purchase of a manufactured home, or you need to purchase insurance coverage for this type of a dwelling, our inspectors at Beryl Engineering are ready to assist you. Our inspectors have more than 15 years of experience. We perform thorough work and deliver the results to you within 24 to 36 hours of conducting the inspection.

What Is Required for a Manufactured Home/Tie-Down Inspection
Local codes and HUD require that a manufactured home meet certain guidelines related to health and safety issues. Our inspectors check everything from the anchors and tie-downs to the dwelling’s structural integrity. We put our findings into writing and take photos of any defects that we find. We can also submit copies of our inspection reports to the code enforcement authorities. Our engineers sign off on the report and certify that the results are accurate.

Using the Information From Our Manufactured Home/Tie-Down Inspection
After we have completed the inspection, we provide you with a copy of our findings. You can use the report to make mandatory and recommended repairs, such as replacing a worn tie-down with one that is intact. We also provide a list of contractors that we have already vetted. You can choose to use one of these contractors or select a different contractor of your choice to perform necessary repairs.

Reasons to Choose Our Inspectors for Your Manufactured Home Inspection
Our inspectors are impartial third parties. We work with lenders, buyers and sellers for real estate transactions related to manufactured homes. If you are considering buying a manufactured home, our inspection gives you the facts you need about its condition. Our inspectors also verify the structure’s condition so that you can obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy, which is required in order to take out a mortgage on a home. If you are thinking of selling a manufactured home, you can use the facts in our inspection report to make any needed repairs.