Manufactured Home Inspection

Manufactured Home Inspection | The manufactured homes are built in factories and then they are affixed on land. Because of this reason, these homes are more vulnerable to strong wind as opposed to other residential buildings. Therefore, a thorough manufactured home inspection is mandatory before and after the installation. Here is what the manufactured home inspector will be looking at during the inspection:

  1. The Interior 

The interior of the manufactured home is examined to notice signs of roof leakages, and the condition of the wood and the tiling. The smoke detectors are also tested to make sure that they are functioning properly.  All the electrical fixtures are tested, and the pressure in the plumbing systems is also determined. The appliances inside the home are also tested. The inspector also makes sure that the caulking is done appropriately.

  1. The Exterior 

The inspector will examine the exterior portion of the manufactured home carefully just like the regular home inspection. The roofing systems, the foundation, the panelling and the trims are thoroughly checked for signs of damages. The railing and height requirements are also checked to ascertain that they are within the building code requirements for the state.

  1. Wind Ratings

The manufactured homes are supposed to fulfill the HUD wind ratings. In the manufactured home inspection, the inspector will determine if your house is in the wind zone for which it was designed to be located in.

  1. Utilities

The inspector will examine all the utility connection that are coming in and going out of the manufactured home. This includes the electrical connections, pipelines and gas lines.

Manufactured Home Inspection Services

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