Hurricane season literally takes Florida by storm each year and residents must prepare for what could happen with adverse weather. Property insurance is a must in the Sunshine State. Florida’s record of catastrophic storms is growing worse year by year. Florida homeowners should also know about the protections they have with insurance umpires and appraisers as hurricane season approaches.

Independent Insurance Appraisers for Peace of Mind

Your property insurance company will send an insurance appraiser to evaluate any storm damage when you file a claim. The appraiser will calculate the costs to repair your home back to its original or like-new condition. This amount will be made known to you as part of the reporting process. You have the right to agree or disagree with the appraiser’s assessment of damages or proposed settlement amount.

You also have the right to hire an independent insurance appraiser to make a second evaluation of the damages and related cost calculations. This is to provide you peace of mind that you are being treated fairly by the insurance company. Most insurance companies will reimburse you for the fees paid to an independent appraiser. You can be assured of fair treatment when both appraisals are close to agreement.

Independent Insurance Umpires for Fair Judgements

There are occasions when the appraisals from the insurance appraiser and the independent appraiser do not agree. Vast or problematic differences will require the services of an independent insurance umpire. It is the umpire’s responsibility to evaluate both appraisals and choose which one is the fairest for the homeowner. All parties agree to abide by the insurance umpire’s decision. This is another protection in place for the benefit and security of the homeowner.

Hurricane season means that you may need the services of one or both of these professionals. Beryl Project Engineering employs WIND Certified Appraisers® and WIND Certified Umpires® who are ready to serve Tampa area homeowners in the event of damaging weather events. The WIND Certification Program means that these professionals adhere to a strict code of ethics that provides superior protections for the consumer.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering when tragedy strikes and you need the assurances of an independent insurance appraiser or umpire.