Why Neutral Inspectors Are Important for Structural Inspections

You’re trying to sell your home and know you need a structural inspection before you put it on the mass market. You’re worried that your roof may need to be replaced, the foundation has a few cracks that you want to get checked out, and the utility room in the basement has been leaking when it rains hard.

You’re driving down Main Street when you see a billboard for a local construction company advertising their free or low-cost structural inspections. You immediately dial their number and set up an appointment. It’s free after all!

After the inspection, the structural engineer from the construction company hands you an estimate for all the repairs that would be needed to your home. These costly construction projects are vital to repairing your home and getting it in good shape to sell quickly. And what do you know? The inspector recommends their own company to do the work!

How do you know if the repairs are really needed at all if the inspector just wanted to sell you on a construction project? Construction companies often use their inspectors as salespeople. Hiring an inspector from a neutral position, one that isn’t from a construction company or works for an insurance company is the only way to guarantee that your structural inspection gives you exactly what you need.  And what you need is an unbiased, neutral opinion on the structural engineering of your home.

Many structural engineers are also great sources of information on construction companies and rehabbing homes. Your structural engineer assessing your home should be able to give you an overall estimate of current and future problems your home may have.

Structural inspections are very involved and detailed reports that assess the condition and safety of your homes skeleton. At Beryl’s Project Engineering,you can find inspectors that are certified and licensed with experience in many types of home inspections as well as federal and local regulations.