The beautiful climate of Florida is due to its prime location near the tropics. But this gorgeous setting also comes with a price. Florida lies right in the path of major hurricanes that form off the western coast of Africa and make their way north. The prime hurricane season in Florida lasts from May through September. Many requests for structural inspections in Tampa are a result of hurricanes.

Why Should I Schedule Structural Inspections in Tampa After a Hurricane?

Damage from hurricanes is mostly obvious after the storm passes. You have likely viewed images on television of destroyed buildings, downed power poles and lines, scattered debris and more. What is not so obvious is the hidden damage that can result from potent hurricanes. There are typically many more homes with invisible damage for every one home destroyed by a hurricane.

Homeowners should carefully inspect their homes as soon as it is safe to emerge after a storm. It may take some time for flood waters to recede even after a hurricane. Florida property owners should schedule structural inspections in Tampa after extensive flooding or a hurricane that has caused damage to their home or commercial building.

It is always better to be sure your home or building has escaped damage than to assume this is the case only to discover later that extensive hidden damage exists. Damaged structural components only tend to grow worse over time and this can make your property unsafe and structurally unsound. Structural inspections in Tampa can examine these vital components carefully to determine if any damage is present and recommend the proper repairs.

Common Structural Damage from Hurricanes

The primary causes for structural failures and even building collapses are poor design, faulty construction, foundation failure, extraordinary loads or a combination of these causes. Hurricanes often place extraordinary loads on structures that they were not designed or constructed to bear. Strong storms can also reveal a poor design or faulty construction. Structural inspections in Tampa can reveal which of these causes is to blame.

Damage or Loss of Roofing

Many buildings experience severe roof damage or loss of roofing components as a result of a hurricane. This can at least partially be due to unsound construction. Roofing that is secured to the outer walls of a structure can better withstand strong winds. Losses can be less with greater protection against moisture intrusion.

Loss of roofing materials allows heavy rain to enter the home and cause further damage throughout. Some inferior construction allows for a complete building collapse if the roof is completely removed during a heavy storm like a hurricane. Roofing damage or failures are likely the most common structural damage inflicted by Florida hurricanes.

Improper Foundations

A properly designed and constructed foundation can be the key to survival for many structures when hurricanes strike. Some hurricane-proofing techniques may even seem contrary to good building practices. An example of this is large warehouses. Such buildings may cover vast areas but are rather light in weight and construction. Such a structure actually requires a much heavier or larger foundation that one would expect to protect against hurricanes.

Hurricane-force winds cause dramatic forces from multiple directions. Sudden updrafts can actually lift lighter buildings off their foundations. The sudden drop that results often causes catastrophic failure and total building collapse. Securing such buildings to heavier foundations can prevent this type of hurricane effect and resulting damages.


Flooding is always a consequence of hurricanes. Heavy rain, winds, storm surge and flooding water sources all combine to cover local areas with water. This water causes severe damage to foundations and other structural components in all types of buildings. Even the most potent protections against flooding can be no match for some hurricanes and the enormous amount of water they bring.

Beryl Project Engineering offers structural inspections in Tampa and the surrounding communities after hurricanes have passed and wrought havoc. Contact us today if you believe your home or commercial property may have suffered structural damages from a hurricane.