Hurricane Dorian Update

As Hurricane Dorian continues his destructive path towards Florida, we urge you to please take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones.

As experienced engineering consultants and home inspectors licensed in Florida, Beryl has witnessed firsthand the severe physical impact that follows natural disasters of this type. I personally have been a first responder to numerous events in the past twenty years. Hurricane Dorian is an unusually aggressive and strong storm which could have a potentially devastating impact on Florida residents.

If disaster does strike, please know that we are able to immediately mobilize our staff to aid our clients in the post-hurricane restoration process by providing:


Your safety and well being are important to us. Please heed the warnings and instructions provided by local and state government officials for how best to protect yourself. Additional helpful tips on what to do before, during, and after the storm are below.

For people currently in the home purchase process post due diligence but pre-closing, we learned through Irma, that any 4-Point inspection performed pre-storm and is currently in pre-closing state will need to be redone for Roof. We have the staff to assist you even if we didn’t do the initial inspection for you.

Before the Storm

  • Fill your car with gas
  • Have cash available
  • Stock up on supplies
  • Have an ample supply of prescription medication
  • Bring in lawn furniture
  • Secure loose items
  • Board or shutter windows
  • Secure your boat
  • Set refrigerator to the coldest setting
  • Prepare water supplies
  • Freeze water in plastic jugs
  • Place valuables and personal papers in waterproof containers

During the Storm

  • Stay indoors away from windows
  • Keep a battery-powered radio and flashlight with you
  • Maintain a clear escape path in case of fire
  • Keep mattress nearby for protection
  • Close all interior doors
  • Take refuge in a small interior room, closet, or hallway

After the Storm

  • Remain indoors until the official all clear is given
  • Do not use your telephone unless it is an emergency
  • Do not call 911 except for life threatening situations
  • Use charcoal and gas grills only outside
  • Use a generator only outside
  • Avoid driving because of dangerous debris on the road
  • Stay away from downed power lines
  • Do not wade in floodwaters
  • Treat all intersections as a 4-way stop if traffic lights aren’t working


Useful links:

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Florida Division of Emergency Management

Alert Tampa


If you’re needing assistance after The Hurricane Dorian Storm Beryl Engineering & Inspection provides more than 15 years of experience, and exceeds InterNACHI’s Standards of Practice. Contact us today to learn how we can help you. Call today at 813-616-3301