Home Inspector Tampa | Protect Your Family! Get a Tie Down Home Inspection

Home Inspector Tampa | Do you live in or are you looking to purchase a manufactured or mobile home? There are many benefits to these types of homes. First, they can be much less expensive than a traditional foundation style home. They are perfect for younger families looking to own instead of rent. They can also be ideal for older couples that are looking to downsize. Manufactured homes and mobile homes are also appealing because they can be placed anywhere that is zoned for them. Traditional house hunting often means that you must sacrifice location or amenities when choosing your home. Choosing a manufactured home lets you decide what goes into the build and then where its located at a fraction of the cost of building a traditional home.


With the positives also come some specific concerns when it comes to purchasing a manufactured or mobile home. These homes do not have a basement or foundation slab under the home. Not having this security can make a manufactured or mobile home vulnerable if the proper precautions are not taken. These mobile style homes need to be properly secured with tie downs so that they do not move during severe weather. Tie downs are anchors that are strategically placed around the home to make sure that the home and the inhabitants are safe during strong winds.

To make sure that your manufactured home or mobile home are properly secured it is a good idea to have a tie down home inspection. The tie down home inspection confirms that your home is properly tied down per Florida and HUD regulations. For the peace of mind that your family is safe in your home, you should call the experts at Beryl Project Engineering and Inspections. Beryl will inspect your manufactured or mobile home and provide you with the information you need. Once your home has passed inspection, you will receive a report stating that your home is compliant with all required tie-down safety laws.