Home Inspector Tampa | Florida Laws for Mobile Homes


Home Inspector Tampa | Mobile homes can be a very appealing option when compared to a traditional foundation style home. Mobile homes, as their name states, can be moved and that means you are not tied down permanently to one location. Also, mobile homes are often much cheaper when compared to buying a traditional home and plot of land. Mobile homes are especially popular for people looking to live in a prime location but not looking to spend exorbitant amounts of money on the place they live.


Though there are many benefits to mobile homes, they do come with certain downfalls and restrictions. Mobile homes, especially in Florida and the Tampa area, in particular, are very susceptible to strong weather patterns that can wreak havoc on homes that are not properly secured. Strong winds and hurricane type weather are common in Florida and because of this, the government requires that mobile homes abide by a certain set of safety precautions to help protect the home and its inhabitants.


Since Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in 1990, laws were tightened to make sure that mobile homes were securely held in place. Tie-downs, an anchor or strap that is strong enough to keep mobile homes stable during high winds, were required to be placed every five or six feet around every mobile home. Along with the proper tie downs, mobile homes also need to be in a properly zoned location.


To find out if your mobile home complies to HUD and Florida laws, you should consider getting a mobile home inspection. If you live in the Tampa area it would be wise to contact the professionals at Beryl Engineering and Inspection. They can provide a quality mobile home inspection and help make sure that your Tampa area mobile home is safe for your family.


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