Home Inspector Tampa | Going Beyond the FHA Loan Minimum Inspection Requirements is in Your Best Interest

Home Inspector Tampa | An FHA loan does have certain requirements that a home must meet so that the FHA loan will be approved. However, these required FHA inspection items are just the minimum that is allowable, so that the loan can be processed. As a home buyer, it may be in your best interest to have a more thorough inspection done so that you can have a more detailed description of potential issues with your purchase.

What Inspection Items Are Required for an FHA Loan?

The FHA loan requirements changed in December of 2005. Any FHA appraisal occurring after January of 2006, only requires repairs for conditions that exceed just cosmetic or normal wear and tear. Even though appraisers must report all property issues, there are many loopholes that will still let the lenders approve the loan.

Ultimately the property just needs to be clear of major safety issues and must have structural integrity. Some examples of items that are inspected and require immediate repair are: leaking and worn out roofs, defective paint surfaces in homes built before 1978 and structural problems (such as foundation damage).

What Inspection Items Are Not Required but You Still Want to be Aware of?

When purchasing a home, the more knowledge of its condition you have, the better off you will be in the long run. By getting a full FHA Inspection from an FHA Certified Home Inspector, you will learn about potential issues even if they are not required fixes to receive the loan. Some of these items include: cracked window glass, minor plumbing leaks, poor workmanship and cracked or damaged exit doors.

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