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Home Inspection Hillsborough | It is a common myth that home inspections only benefit the person buying a home. It is true that most homebuyers do benefit from a quality home inspection to help find out any potential problems that a home may have. A seller can also profit from getting a home inspection, especially if it is done before the home is placed on the market.


Proactive Repairs

Home inspections can show areas of a home that could be improved before the home is listed for sale. It is true that these improvements would cost additional money, but often certain updates will also increase the overall value of the house. For example, if the home inspector finds that your bathroom flooring has aged poorly, it will give you the opportunity to have it replaced prior to setting a list price for your home. After the update has been made, then you can raise the price of your home accordingly.


If you wait until after the home is listed and a potential buyer hires a home inspector, you may not be able to recoup the costs associated with the repairs. You will already have had a price listed for the home and it is usually not a good idea to raise the price shortly after you have listed the property.


Don’t Get Blindsided

By proactively seeking a home inspection you will already be aware of any potential issues your home may have. This way you can show the home inspection to the potential buyer. If they still want their own inspector to give a report, you will at least have a good idea of what is going to turn up. Your house’s pricing will already be listed accordingly. You will not have to endure the stress that comes with last-minute home inspections and repairs.


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