Structural inspections are different from home inspections. A home inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of a home’s general condition that is usually performed as part of the sales process. Structural inspections focus on specific structural components of the home that pertain to its strength and structural integrity. You may need structural inspections in Tampa for a number of specific reasons.

Why Does My Home Require Structural Inspections in Tampa?

Home inspections are a normal part of purchasing a home and you can expect it as part of the typical buying process. Structural inspections in Tampa are not a standard practice in the home-buying process. They are only performed on request for a specific purpose. Structural inspections in Tampa are part of Beryl’s professional engineer and inspection services.

Your home could require a structural inspection for the following reasons:

VA or FHA Loan Requirements

Certain lenders, including the VA and FHA, require prospective buyers to have a structural inspection in addition to a standard home inspection. This is to complement the home inspection with additional information concerning the structural integrity and stability of the home. Beryl Project Engineering performs both home inspections and structural inspections in Tampa.

Determining Fair Value

Beryl engineers will also perform structural inspections in Tampa in order to determine a home’s fair market value for clients. This evaluation includes a report detailing the structural integrity of the home and any observed defects. Our engineers also recommend repair strategies for any recognized defects.

Evaluating Damages

Insurance adjusters can also request structural inspections in Tampa after a home has sustained damage from weather or other events. Serious damage to structural components can occur that renders a home unsafe or even beyond reasonable repair. Only a licensed engineer can determine the viability of a structure after it has sustained damage.

Specific Request

Structural inspections in Tampa are also possible on request. A professional home inspector may see indicators of serious damage or wear and request a specialist engineer inspection. A structural engineer has the training and experience to make a determination about the structural integrity of the home and if any repairs are warranted.

What Is Involved in Structural Inspections for Homes?

Structural inspections in Tampa for your home will involve visual observations of readily visible structural components that will include the roof, trusses, ceilings, walls, floors, supporting structures and foundation elements. The evaluation is primarily concerned with the condition of these areas and their components and if they are in need of repair.

A structural inspection report from Beryl Project Engineering will include:

  • A description of the structural elements of the property
  • A professional opinion of the condition of all readily accessible structural systems and components
  • A description of any observed defects and their causes, likely or actual
  • Recommended repair solutions and cost estimates
  • References for qualified contractors who can make reliable repairs

This report will be provided to the client as soon as possible after the evaluation is completed. Time frames can differ due to the size of the home and any discovered problems. Your Beryl structural engineer can give you an estimated time to deliver your completed report.

Beryl Project Engineering – Integrity and Professionalism

Beryl Project Engineering is not a construction company. We are beholden to no construction company. Our structural inspections in Tampa are neutral, independent of any company influence and absolutely reliable. Some construction companies offer low-cost or free condition assessments in order to sell their construction services. This taints the reliability and honesty of their reports.

Beryl engineers will render a professional, seasoned evaluation and present a comprehensive report in order to present the facts for your consideration. Call us at 813-616-3301 or message us online to ask about structural inspections in Tampa for your home.