Get A Permit Closure Letter Fast

A permit closure letter or engineering affidavit is a document that can protect homebuyers against fraud.  The permit closure letter also proves that a home has passed a building inspection. When you want to build on your property you will have to have a permit from your local government allowing for the project. These permits are usually issued for 6 months and then expire. To close the permit, you must pass an inspection that certifies your project was done to regulations.

You cannot sell a home with open permits and if you need to move or sell your property fast, you may find a roadblock when it comes to needing a permit closer letter. The most common open permits left to expire are for pool, deck or patio projects, and roofing. If the project was completed years ago, but never closed out, you may be out of luck if the company that did the work is no longer in business. Or so you think!

Getting a permit closure letter can be done through companies that employ engineers to complete inspections. Engineering and project management companies specialize in knowing the ins and outs of home rehabbing or building. Hiring an inspector from somewhere like Beryl Project Engineering means that you can achieve a noninvasive, quick inspection with fast and efficient results. These inspectors will be able to read the open permit to find out what and where the project was, and visually inspect the area to guarantee the project was done to code. After the inspection, the engineer will file a permit closure letter asking the local government to close the permit.

Most inspectors will also take pictures of the permit site in case the local county needs additional documentation.  However, a homeowner can be assured that their privacy is protected and secure. Expired permits can really put a wrench in your plans, but Beryl’s licensed and certified inspectors can get you a permit closure letter fast.