An article from the Harvard University School of Arts and Sciences declares that the amount of power collected from solar energy worldwide has increased over 300-fold from 2000-2019. The world is waking up to the benefits of solar power faster than ever before. The future is bright for solar design and now is the best time to get on board. 

Solar Design Innovations 

Innovations to current solar designs continue to roll out as researchers and scientists discover new ways to harness and use the sun’s energy more efficiently. Many of these new innovations do not require a completely new solar design for homes and businesses. Several new inventions can simply be added to existing solar designs to increase their efficiency and your overall benefit. 

Increasing the efficiency of solar panels includes new materials for constructing panels. New materials, and even older materials designed in a new configuration, can increase how much actual energy is absorbed by the solar panels. More energy absorbed means more energy for you to use. New electronics can now be added to existing solar arrays that allow the solar panels to track the sun. This means they stay focused on the sun as it moves across the sky to allow for maximum sunlight absorption. 

Other innovations include positioning mirrors to reflect more sunlight on solar panel arrays. This allows designers to use a smaller array where space is limited and still obtain a sufficient amount of sunlight to produce the needed levels of electricity. 

Still more improvements to solar panel design make use of multi-layered panels that can absorb much more sunlight than a single level panel. Costs for solar panel construction continue to fall as popularity for solar energy grows. New multi-layered solar panels may become the standard for solar design in the next few years. 

Custom Solar Design in Tampa 

Beryl Project Engineering designs custom solar systems for a wide variety of homes and businesses. Our solar engineers use the latest design technology to tailor a solar design that meets your home or business’ unique needs. The future of solar energy has never looked brighter. Contact Beryl Project Engineering in Tampa, Florida, to inquire about a custom solar design for your home or business.