Structural engineers serve a very important and specific purpose. Beryl Project Engineering provides structural engineer services for new and existing structures throughout Florida. Here are some frequently asked questions about a structural engineer in Tampa and the services they perform.

What Does a Structural Engineer Do?

Structural engineers are specialists that determine the integrity of a home, building or other structure. They can evaluate various structures to discover problems, determine their cause and create solutions for these problems. This includes issues about how a structure holds up under various stresses and in different conditions over time.

My House had a Home Inspection. Do I Need a Review from a Structural Engineer in Tampa, Too?

Home inspectors are charged with reviewing a wide scope of general conditions throughout a home. They are more of a generalist who serves an important role. They can uncover serious problems and recommend that you seek a specialist for further assistance. A structural engineer in Tampa is one of those specialists who focuses on the viability and safety of a structure and its components. Think of the roles played by your primary care physician and a heart specialist. Both are valuable and needed. Both serve a specific purpose.

Should I Be Concerned with Structural Issues When Remodeling My Home?

Home improvement and remodeling projects often have many structural concerns. You should consult with a structural engineer in Tampa before undertaking any changes to your home. They can make important recommendations after their review and protect you from making serious mistakes that could endanger your family. A common example is when homeowners wish to remove a wall to enlarge a space only to discover that the wall is load-bearing is requires special measures for removal and reinforcement.

What Problems or Issues are Best Handled by a Structural Engineer?

The above-mentioned issue with a load-bearing wall is a common occurrence. Adding new rooms or wings onto an existing home will also require a review and design recommendations from a structural engineer in Tampa. Certain building codes and practices must be followed to make sure the addition is structurally sound and properly joined to the existing structure. Other problems best left to a structural engineer include damage to loadbearing components, soil movement around a structure and serious damage from strong storms or hurricanes.

What are Some Trouble Signs that Should Prompt a Call to a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer in Tampa can investigate when signs of serious damage begin to appear. These can include:

  • Cracked walls
  • Cracked foundation
  • Sagging ceilings
  • Sticking windows or doors
  • Leaning walls
  • Bulging interior or exterior walls
  • Excessive moisture in the crawlspace
  • Cracks in tile floors
  • Sagging floors

Many of these signs can indicate a problem with your home’s foundation. A structural engineer can determine the best solution to prevent a small problem from becoming larger, more dangerous and much more expensive.

How Can I Be Sure a Structural Engineer in Tampa is Qualified?

Florida and every other state require that structural engineers be licensed as Professional Engineers before they can provide engineering services for hire. Some structural engineers specialize in narrower fields and you should ask prospective firms about their service offerings. An engineering degree from an accredited institution of higher learning is required to obtain the necessary knowledge for passing the licensing exam. Most states also require a minimum number of years of field experience.

Beryl structural engineers are licensed, insured and certified in the State of Florida to offer services concerning the following areas:

  • Roofing
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundations
  • Stucco
  • Piers/Beams
  • Slab-on-Grade

Contact Beryl Project Engineering for other specific inquiries about our areas of engineering expertise and experience. You can also request a portfolio that features some of our completed work and proof of experience. We are an independent and neutral structural engineering company that is not connected to any construction company. Beware of “free inspection” offers from some companies that are really just fronts designed to bring in business for construction firms.

Our professional evaluations are designed to provide a thorough and unbiased condition assessment and recommendations as necessary for safety, structural integrity and adherence to the appropriate codes. Contact us today at Beryl Project Engineering for the professional services of a superior structural engineer in Tampa.