Expired Permits | Prompt Permit Closure Letter, Saves Headaches in the Long Run

Expired Permits | Before starting a remodel or major repair to a property, a permit needs to be obtained from the city. This gives the contractors the legal permission to proceed with repairs as they have been presented to the city. Periodic inspections may need to take place during the remodel/repair to make sure that all the work is being performed to code and no shortcuts are being taken.


A permit closure letter, also known as an engineering affidavit, is the final step for a remodel or renovation to your residential or commercial property. The permit closure letter follows a final inspection to guarantee that all the work has been performed completely and properly. The permit closure letter is proof for all future buyers that the repair or remodel was done to code and was inspected by a certified professional. Unfortunately, sometimes the proper permit closure is not obtained by the contractor or builder at the close of the repairs.


Why Would a Permit Closure Letter Not be Obtained?

If a property owner hires a contractor to perform a remodel, they may also rely on the contractor to take care of the necessary permits/paperwork. Some contractors do not follow through with the process and don’t get the proper documentation after the remodel is complete. One reason the contractor may not follow through with the permit closure letter is they did not complete the remodel properly. The contractor knows that he cut corners or did not finish certain parts of the remodel and does not want the inspection to show any “shoddy” work. If the property owner does not know about the permit closure letter, he may go years without knowing anything is wrong.

Unfortunately, when the property owner decides to sell the property, the open permit will show up on the property record under a municipal lien search. At this point, the open permit could act as a lien on the property if fees are associated with the permit. The property owner will then need to try to obtain a permit closure letter before he can proceed with the sale. After an extended amount of time, this is easier said than done. Building codes may have changed over time and the renovations may not meet current guidelines. Luckily, the permit closure letter only has to make sure the work was done to the code that was present when the permit was first opened.

As a property owner, you should always use a company you can trust. The expired permit professionals at Beryl Engineering and Inspection will always follow the entire renovation process through from start to finish. They will make sure that all over your paperwork is in order and that you will not have problems if you decide to sell your property down the road.