Engineering Affidavit

Why Should I Get An Engineering Affidavit?

When we talk about an engineering affidavit, we specifically refer to the documents related to permitted constructional activities. These documents are important because they signify that the entire permitted constructional activity around the house has been completed as planned.

The fact that all parties that are involved agree over the proper completion of the project only adds to the importance of this document. An engineering and construction firm like Beryl Project Engineering is certified to issue this document.

While there are many reasons to get an engineering affidavit, following are some of the major ones.

Future Works

With an active open or expired permit on your property, you will not be able to open future permits until the older work has been closed out. That means you will not be able to replace a broken HVAC unit, broken water heater, or replace a leaking roof until this issue is addressed.


While the project is underway, different parties involved make sure everything goes as planned and according to the set of rules defined by regulating authorities. This way, it is ensured that all work being done meets proper safety requirements.

Qualified Engineers

An engineering affidavit acquired by well-known engineering companies, like ours, ensures greater quality. This is because we have everything reviewed and thoroughly rechecked by a licensed engineer. These engineers are Professional Engineers (P.E.) who qualify a complex professional examination to become expert at what they do.

 Detailed Project Information

There are several reasons why getting an affidavit is important, especially from a well-known engineering company with strong ties to local building department officials.

If you are looking forward to buy a new place, whether it is a commercial building or a residential home, get and engineering affidavit from Beryl Project Engineering if you have open or expired permits. We have Professional Engineers who review each and every aspect of the new place with their expert knowledge and procedures. In addition to that, we also have a set of certified inspectors especially trained for higher quality inspections. For further details or scheduling an appointment, simply call (813) 358-0445.