Engineering Affidavits to Close out Permits

Engineering Affidavit | From time to time, you will find when performing title searches that properties may have open or expired permits. These permits pop up when someone didn’t complete the work (back in the day) within the 6 month period or didn’t call for an inspection in time. Without getting these permits closed out, people will be unable to pull future permits for work on the property. Outside of home sales/purchases, these most frequently pop up when people want to replace their leaking roof or failed AC system. The most common expired permits involve Pools, Pool Enclosures, HVAC, and Roofs.

To close out the expired permit, Beryl performs an inspection of the property with a focus on the expired permit item. Beryl then prepares a signed/sealed Engineering Affidavit specifically stating that the work done on the expired permit was complete to the Florida Building Code at the time the expired permit was pulled. If there is remediation required to meet the previous Florida Building Code when the work was originally done, we instead what repairs are necessary to be able to prepare our Engineering Affidavit Permit Closure Letter.

For City of Tampa and Hillsborough County, we hand deliver the letter to the Building Department and pay penalty fee to have the expired permit closed out. With the exception of building official vacations, these are typically closed out within a week of us delivering the Engineering Affidavit Permit Closure Letter and we can schedule our inspection typically within 24 to 48 hours of your call. For all other local areas with the exception of Clear Water and City of Largo, we mail the letter to the client to deliver to their local municipality building department.

One of the questions we get a lot is, “This permit has been open for ten years and I bought the house five years ago, why is this an issue now.” The response we give is that the Counties have automated their permitting process within the last two years and their systems automatically check going back as far as 1995 now for expired, restricted, and open permits.

If you have an Open or Expired Permit requiring an Engineering Affidavit, please call us today at (813) 616 – 3301.