Custom Solar Design

Florida homeowners across Tampa and Hillsborough County are harnessing the power of the sun with their own custom solar design. Solar energy solutions allow you to lower your energy costs with sustainable and renewable energy – the plentiful Florida sun. Beryl Engineering & Inspection is your local source for experienced and professional custom solar design.


Our Envision SP team provides solar design packages that are permit-ready and can work for your residential or commercial application. Photovoltaic Design is a premier specialty that Beryl Project Engineering offers to clients throughout Tampa and Hillsborough County. Call us for a professional consultation.


State-of-the-Art Solar Design Technology

Florida building codes for solar design are some of the most stringent in the nation, so your solar design contractor must be up-to-date on all relevant codes and regulations. Beryl Engineering & Inspection has vast experience designing custom solar energy solutions for Tampa area homeowners and businesses. We use the latest computer modeling software to design your solar panels and system to maximize your return on investment.


Solar design must take into account the sun’s azimuth and shade cover at your property location, as well as wind speed loading and other factors. Beryl guarantees a photo-voltaic solar system that maximizes energy production and will stand the ravages of time and wear.


Experienced Solar Design Engineers

Our experienced solar design engineers are certified through Envision SP to design sustainable solar energy infrastructure. Envision Sustainability Professionals are trained in these components:


  • Collaboration
  • Conservation
  • Development
  • Ecology
  • Economy
  • Emissions
  • Planning
  • Materials
  • Resilience


This specialized training guarantees that your solar design solution from Beryl Project Engineering will be of the highest quality, meeting or exceeding industry standards and Florida Construction Codes. Join the Florida movement toward sustainable solar energy that has made our state number five in the nation for installed solar energy capacity. Give Beryl Project Engineering a call or contact us online to arrange a consultation.