The US Fire Administration reports 69 home fire fatalities in Florida in 2020. Home fires can be catastrophic to families and cause damages that range from smoke damage to total devastation.  Protect your family and property by taking steps to avoid these common fire hazards discovered by a home inspector in Tampa.

Absent or Faulty Smoke Detectors

A common safety hazard discovered in many homes is the complete absence of working smoke detectors. There may be none at all – this is especially the case in older homes – or they may simply be faulty and inoperative. The most routine cause of inoperative smoke detectors is a dead battery. Such a trivial matter could cost you your home and even your life. A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl Project Engineering will indicate where smoke detectors are missing or inoperative on the inspection report and recommend immediate repair or replacement.

Absence of Fire Extinguishers

Many home fires could easily be put out before they get out of hand if only a fire extinguisher were nearby. A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl can always recommend certain types of fire extinguishers and their placement in strategic areas of the home for increased safety. Keep one near cooking areas like the kitchen or outdoor grill as well as in the garage and near bedrooms.

Uninspected Fireplaces

Many Floridians don’t use fireplaces regularly for heat since our beautiful climate makes it unnecessary. But many homeowners do occasionally use their fireplace for various reasons. The fireplace is rarely used so they believe a regular inspection is not necessary. This is a serious mistake. A seldom-used fireplace is more dangerous and apt to have problems that lead to a fire than a regularly-used fireplace. Have your home fireplace inspected each year even if it is seldom used.

Overloaded Electrical Systems

Modern families use a host of electrical appliances and devices for everyday living. Keeping all these items powered and charged for use can place an exceptionally heavy load on your home’s electrical system. Using strips to power several objects or devices raises the risk of electrical shorts and fire. Your electrical panel can also become overloaded and cause a fire. A home inspector in Tampa from Beryl will recommend a full electrical evaluation by a licensed electrician to determine if your home needs electrical system upgrades.

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