Neutral and Dependable Structural Assessments

Neutral and Dependable Structural Assessments Structural Assessment | Structural defects in any building pose significant problems. And they may not be readily visible to the naked eye, or to inexperienced inspectors. When you need a reliable and professional determination of value and structural integrity for your project in the Tampa or Hillsborough County area, contact [...]

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Why Neutral Inspectors Are Important for Structural Inspections

Why Neutral Inspectors Are Important for Structural Inspections You’re trying to sell your home and know you need a structural inspection before you put it on the mass market. You’re worried that your roof may need to be replaced, the foundation has a few cracks that you want to get checked out, and the utility room [...]

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Use A Structural Inspection to Value Your Home

Use A Structural Inspection to Value Your Home Buying your first home is a huge investment and if it’s something you have already done, you understand the importance of inspections to ensure that you are getting what you pay for. When you go to sell that home, it may surprise you that more inspections may [...]

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How to Pass A Structural Inspection Test

When you are  selling your home, sometimes the prospective buyer asks for a structural inspection. Your client only asked for  a home inspection and that inspector said they needed an expert to check out the roof, ceilings, support, and foundation of your home because of what they found. If you are trying to get structural [...]

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What You Need to Know About A Structural Inspection

A structural inspection assesses the condition of a home’s structure. A structural inspection is optional but is a very good idea for home buyers who are looking to make wise decisions about their investments. These inspections focus on some of the most important potential defects in a home that affect the safety and integrity of [...]

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The Top 3 Worst Issues to Have on Your Home Structural Inspection Report

A Structural inspection is an assessment of the bones of your home. All the supportive structure from the foundation to the wall studs, ceilings, attic, and roof. Flooring and subflooring are also including in many structural inspections. Structural inspections cover the most important aspect of a new home—safety and soundness. Every home buyer wants their [...]

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What is a Structural Inspection?

A structural inspection, also called an engineering inspection, is a professional assessment of the structural elements of a home such as the foundation and framing. A structural engineer can tell a home buyer about the integrity of the home and give a good estimate as to how much longer the home is expected to be [...]

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Structural Foundation: Things Buyers and Sellers Need to Know

Structural Foundation | Inspections made by a professional are essential when purchasing or selling a home. Proper inspections, and reports, will help avoid unexpected repair costs, which can destroy a person's budget. Following are the types of inspections that may be held when a home is being purchased or sold. Inspectors must be fully licensed [...]

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Structural Inspection | How to Spot the Signs of Foundation Damage

Structural Inspection | The foundation is the base on which your home sits. When it starts to have problems, it can weaken the entire structure. It is better to identify problems in the structural foundation when they start to occur so you can get them repaired quickly. That will protect your home and its value. [...]

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