Hillsborough County Home Inspections | Can Hillsborough County Home Inspections Stop a Sale? 

Individuals differ regarding what they expect from a property when seeking to purchase a home. What may be a deal-breaker to some may not be that serious a concern to others. It is important to realize that Hillsborough County home inspections are not pass or fail. They are simply a professional evaluation of the major [...]

Hillsborough County Home Inspections | Flood Damage

Buyers who dream of owning a beautiful home in sunny Tampa should be aware of Florida’s risk for coastal flooding and other storm-related damage. Hillsborough County homeowners should be aware of their Flood Zone and their Evacuation Zone. These zones are different and exist for different purposes. Knowing where a potential home is located can [...]

Home Inspection | Bad Weather Impacts to Roofs & Solutions

After spending a long, tiring day of hard work, all a person needs is the comfort of their household. There is nothing better than a shelter that provides you warmth and a sense of security from all the worldly things. Our house is one place where we come back to recharge ourselves after all the [...]

How to Find a Home Inspector in Tampa You Can Trust

How to Find a Home Inspector in Tampa You Can Trust A home is usually the largest investment you will ever make. Every prospective home buyer should seek to learn everything possible about a home before purchase. A professional home inspector in Tampa can discover any potential or existing problems with a home. But how [...]

What if Home Inspections Reveal Serious Problems with a Home I Want to Buy?

What if Home Inspections Reveal Serious Problems with a Home I Want to Buy?  The purpose of home inspections is to reveal any problems with a home that may require repairs or replacement before sale or purchase. Few homes with any age will emerge from a home inspection with no outstanding issues. Many problems will [...]

Four-point Vs. Full Home Inspection

  Are you planning to get homeowner’s insurance? If so, a home inspection is a mandatory step before you can get a policy. It's a process that is required by all insurers. In getting insurance, you may see two different terms when dealing with the home inspections: A four-point home inspection A full home inspection [...]

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Hillsborough County Florida Home Inspections

Hillsborough County Florida Home Inspections Anyone involved in Florida real estate can tell you about the state’s stringent building codes. These are in place to help keep Florida homeowners safe. Beryl Project Engineering has home inspectors who know Florida codes and their requirements. We are the top-tier choice for Hillsborough County Florida home inspections. Reliable [...]

How Do Home Inspections Help Me Sell My Home? 

How Do Home Inspections Help Me Sell My Home?  Selling a home involves more than erecting a sign at the curb and waiting for people to knock on your door. Getting the best price for your home will require some initial investment in time and resources. But your investments can pay rich dividends when your [...]

9 Top Tips for Selling your House and 3 Mistakes you Should Avoid

9 Top Tips for Selling your House Selling your house is indeed the most difficult decision you would be taking. This applies to sell your house for reasons such as tiding over a financial condition or because you are relocating. However, buying and selling homes could also be a business you are engaged in. One [...]

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Home Inspections | 5 Reasons Why Florida Home Inspections are a Big Deal

5 Reasons Why Florida Home Inspections are a Big Deal  Buying a home in Florida is for many people a dream come true. But don’t let dreaming cloud your good judgment. Purchasing a Florida home is just like buying a home in any other location. Anything could have happened to it before you settled on [...]

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