Engineering and Construction are closely related industries. One cannot exist without the other. Engineering provides the design and development expertise and construction uses this expertise to actually build usable structures. This is a basic explanation of how the two are related. This relationship can also lead to a confusing pattern of misleading the public.

Many construction companies offer free or low-cost structural inspections in Tampa. This is presented as an extra service they provide for the benefit of the public. It is actually a popular and legal sales tactic that may not be completely ethical. Can you trust a construction company for structural inspections in Tampa?

Engineers as an Undercover Sales Force

A free or low-cost structural inspection in Tampa may seem like a good deal when you have a building or structure that may require repairs. Construction company engineers may seem like the perfect professionals to perform an accurate structural inspection. They are engaged regularly in construction and repair – they obviously know what they are doing.

It may even seem to the unwary that having the same company perform a structural inspection and the necessary repairs it discovered is smart business. They uncovered the defects or damage so they know best how to fix it. This viewpoint would seem valid in a perfect world where everyone was equally trustworthy.

It is a sad fact that many construction companies use their inspection engineers as an undercover sales force. The promised “neutral” structural inspection in Tampa actually turns out to be nothing more than a construction proposal and/or invoice. Can you trust a construction company for honest, unbiased, structural inspections in Tampa? Or will the report indicate work that isn’t necessary? What kind of check is in place for the company that performs the work if they also issued the structural inspection report? How do you know you are receiving top-quality work for repairs that are actually needed?

Unbiased Structural Inspections in Tampa

The best arrangement to guarantee integrity is to contract structural inspections in Tampa from an independent engineering and inspection firm that is not affiliated with any construction company. Then hire a reputable construction company to perform any necessary repairs or other work that is judged necessary by the structural engineer.

The inspection firm has no ulterior motives to “create” or “discover” work that needs done. The inspection is not really an estimate to complete work whether or not it is necessary. There are no sales gimmicks or hidden agendas. You receive a fair, reliable, and completely unbiased structural inspection that accurately details the condition of the building or structure. You are then able to determine who is best suited to perform any work that is needed. And you can be confident that you have been dealt with honestly.

Beryl Project Engineering

Honesty and integrity are important to us at Beryl Project Engineering. We are not a construction company and we are not connected with or beholden to any construction company. Our structural inspections in Tampa have no motive but to provide our client with an accurate assessment of the building or structure in question.

We perform structural inspections and condition assessments for:

  • Roofing Projects
  • Retaining Walls
  • Stucco
  • Foundations
  • Pier/Beam
  • Slab-on-Grade

We also perform structural inspections in Tampa to satisfy the requirements for FHA and VA loans. These lenders often require a structural inspection in addition to a standard home inspection. We can also perform a structural inspection when a defect or damage is discovered during a home inspection.

Contact Beryl Project Engineering for unbiased, reputable, and reliable structural inspections in Tampa and the surrounding Florida communities.