Buying a home is hardly ever a smooth experience. With a process as complex as purchasing a property, there are bound to be obstacles along the way. Being prepared for potential problems can help you avoid major delays or expensive headaches. Here’s a quick guide packed with resources to help you sidestep the common obstacles involved in house-hunting, so you can close your sale with minimal hiccups.

Properties in Poor Condition

Every home buyer’s worst nightmare is discovering neglected maintenance issues or pest infestations after closing. Check for these problems before buying!

  • While it may be tempting to skip the added expense of a home inspection, hiring an inspector will save you money in the long run.
  • Before you close on your new home, contact Beryl Project Engineering for a thorough home inspection.
  • Keep in mind that you may be able to get the seller to pay for some of the needed repairs!
  • Just avoid asking the seller to cover the cost of cosmetic upgrades or minor fixes. Being too picky may prompt the seller to find another buyer.

Financial Challenge

A home is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, so financial obstacles are bound to be a problem.

  • Long before you plan to purchase your home, find out how much you will need to save for a down payment.
  • Likewise, research the mortgage approval process so you can be sure that you will qualify for your desired loan amount.
  • Evaluate your credit score and debt-to-income ratio and start making improvements to these important numbers.
  • You can improve your debt-to-income ratio by taking advantage of debt relief programs.

Home Closing Delays

The closing process is complicated and rarely goes seamlessly. Here are some simple ways to reduce delays during your home purchase.

  • Get preapproved for a mortgage before you start looking for homes. This will allow you to get your final loan approved much more quickly after entering your home purchase contract.
  • Save extra money for a down payment just in case your home appraisal comes up short of the sale price.
  • Instead of waiting for the seller to make necessary repairs, request a repair credit at closing so you can handle these yourself.
  • Work with a great real estate agent who can help you navigate the closing process properly.

The home buying process can seem a little intimidating, especially if you’re gearing up to buy your first-ever home. If you run into obstacles, don’t panic! Finding solutions to unexpected issues is all part of the experience. As long as you’re prepared, you’ll be able to overcome any problem that comes up along the way.

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