Hillsborough County Home Inspections | Our world today is rapidly moving toward low- or no-contact services in a variety of industries. Remote work, Amazon, Airbnb, grocery and takeout delivery and more have become commonplace. Virtual doctor and dentist appointments allow us to get information, diagnoses and even prescriptions without coming into actual contact with a person. 

The proliferation of online work and automation have cause many to begin asking if virtual Hillsborough County home inspections are possible? This may not be a topic some home inspection firms wish to investigate. Many may see virtual inspections as damaging to the industry as a whole. And some industries will not fit into the virtual mold due to the nature of what takes place. 

Objections to Virtual Hillsborough County Home Inspections 

Many of the most stringent objections to virtual Hillsborough County home inspections stem from the nature of an inspection. Any type of inspection typically requires a hands-on approach. Many components in a home must be touched, switched on or ran to be properly evaluated. There exists no technology that would allow that to happen virtually. 

Even the idea of having an agent or client walk through the home and follow the directions of an online inspector to run components and such is not a good one. Would you really trust the machinations of a novice to determine a home’s condition before acquiring a loan for hundreds of thousands of dollars? Would a lender settle for such an ad-hoc type of home inspection? The answer is not likely. 

Only the experienced eyes of a professional home inspector can detect the signs of problems or hidden damages in a home. Nothing can adequately replace hands-on and in-person Hillsborough County home inspections by a licensed and trained professional. 

Beryl’s Unparalleled Customer Service 

Beryl Project Engineering is sensitive to the needs and desires of our clients. We are fully aware that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant changes to how people interact and do business. Our inspectors take all the necessary precautions for your and our safety when performing Hillsborough County home inspections. This includes anything that makes our clients more comfortable. We can even communicate virtually before and after the inspection if that is your wish, limiting any personal interactions. 

Please share your questions and concerns with us when you call Beryl Project Engineering for Hillsborough County home inspections. We will be glad to address your concerns with compassion, understanding and complete professionalism.