Homeowners may sometimes view home inspections with foreboding. You may imagine a stranger intruding into what has been your home for a number of years and finding fault. Perhaps you view the entire inspection process as a hassle and a source of worry. Beryl Project Engineering makes Hillsborough County home inspections as painless for homeowners as possible. 

Our master inspectors have years of experience with home inspections in Tampa and the surrounding areas. We are accustomed to homeowners with mixed feelings and emotions about selling and home inspections. Our inspectors offer these pieces of advice to take some of the tension out of Hillsborough County home inspections. 

An Inspection is Not a Homeowner Report Card

Don’t take Hillsborough County home inspections personally. A home inspection is not a report card on how good a homeowner you’ve been. Homes are built to be lived in and enjoyed. Items will become worn and broken. Some things will become overlooked as part of the scenery. Don’t stress out over the possibility that a home inspector will find some issues with your home. Accept the fact that a home inspection will turn up some problems. This is to your advantage. Now you can make strategic decisions about repairs or other arrangements before selling the home. 

Avoid Majoring on Minor Issues 

You can typically expect a laundry list of minor issues from Hillsborough County home inspections. A lived-in home can be expected to have at least some problems. Avoid the temptation to overreact over these problems. A home inspector may issue a report containing numerous small items that can easily be remedied. Take a breath and look at the list before becoming emotional. You can likely repair most of them with a quick trip to the hardware store. 

Allow the Home Inspector Space to Work 

Homeowners are always welcome to accompany the inspector as he or she completes the home inspection. You likely possess valuable information about areas of the home that can benefit the inspector. Point out these areas at the beginning and don’t try to direct the home inspection. A professional home inspector will view your home through different eyes and see things you do not. Allow them the space and freedom to do their job without interfering. 

Be Willing to Negotiate

Hillsborough County home inspections may discover a major issue or two with your home. You can make better decisions pre-sale now that you are armed with this information. Repairs for some major problems may not be cost-effective. Be willing to negotiate your asking price and leave repairs to the buyers. A good home inspector can give you some cost estimates for repairs that will help you with these decisions. 

Rely on a Professional for Hillsborough County Home Inspections 

Beryl Project Engineering home inspectors have years of construction and inspection experience throughout Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida. We are intimately familiar with building codes and other relevant information that applies to various types of homes. Our Hillsborough County home inspections come with the InterNACHI Buy-Back Guarantee for your peace of mind. Call us at 813-616-3301 for more information about our home inspections in Tampa and Hillsborough County.