A structural inspection differs from a home inspection in several significant ways. Beryl Project Engineering provides reliable and experienced home inspections and structural inspections in Tampa and the surrounding communities. Many people do not understand that these services are different in scope and are needed for differing reasons.

More people are likely familiar with a home inspection because they have bought or sold a home in the past. Home inspections are an important part of the process whenever you buy or sell a home. Structural inspections are not typically part of the home-buying or selling process. They are typically needed for older homes or other structures that may be experiencing problems with essential areas or components.

Beryl Project Engineering routinely performs many structural inspections in Tampa throughout the year. Here are five of the main reasons we are contracted to carry out a structural inspection.

Signs of Structural Movement

Structures are built to last for many decades but any number of factors can impact their longevity. A primary reason a home or other building may require a structural inspection is when there are signs of structural movement. This means that one or more of the vital structural components that provide stability and framework for the building shows indications that it has moved.

Structural components are often designed and built to allow for some flexibility. Movement is when a structural component has shifted out of its original position and not moved back. Ground shifting, severe weather, settling or any other number of factors can cause structural movement within a building. A structural inspection in Tampa can determine if this movement has caused damage or significantly weakened the overall structure.

Signs of Foundation Issues

The foundation of any structure provides support for everything. Foundations are meant to last for the life of the building and even longer. Factors can exist or develop that cause a foundation to shift. This can cause significant damage to the foundation and resulting damage to the entire structure. A structural inspection in Tampa will focus attention on discovering any signs of foundation issues.

Some of the possible signs of foundation issues can include:

  • Cracks in the foundation, walls or structural components of the building
  • Erosion around or underneath the foundation or building footers
  • Leaning or bulging walls
  • Sagging porches or decks
  • Leaks in the building

Possible Storm Damage

Florida lies in a prime location for heavy storms that include water and high winds. Most modern buildings are designed and constructed with this in mind. Heavy weather can always do surprising damage even to the strongest structures. A structural inspection in Tampa will always look for signs of storm damage in the foundation, footings and structural components of a building or structure.

Beryl Project Engineering has vast experience working with insurance companies and other related parties to inspect homes and commercial buildings for damage after severe Florida storms. This is an integral part of what we do to serve Tampa residents and clients.

Drainage Issues

Drainage issues can have more than just a passing impact on homes and other buildings. Inadequate or incorrect drainage can channel water in ways that do damage to a building’s foundation. Poor drainage allows water to pool around or wash away around and underneath a foundation. This causes the foundation to sag and crack and impact other important structural features.

Poor drainage can actually cause a home or building to become unsafe due to the damage caused by structural failure. A structural inspection in Tampa looks for signs of poor or inadequate drainage and resulting damage to the foundation and other supporting structures.

Recommendation from a Home Inspector

A structural inspection in Tampa can be recommended by a home inspector if they detect signs of structural failure. A home inspector may find cracks in joists or other building components that warrant a closer inspection by a knowledgeable and experienced engineer. The structural engineer will have more extensive training and expertise to determine the extent of any structural problems and their cause.

Beryl Project Engineering provides structural inspections in Tampa. Call us or message us online for this more advanced engineering inspection when significant structural problems may exist.