Tampa home inspectors see many homes that are up for sale. Their role is to evaluate a home’s condition and present a report on any deficiencies or recommended repairs. Selling your home can be a much easier process when you know some key principles about preparing your home for the sales market. Use these four best tips for selling your home from Tampa home inspectors to get the most from your home sale.

Pricing Your Home to Sell

The age-old admonition about what sells homes – location, location, location – is true. But closely related to that is another accurate factor about what sells homes: price, price, price! Pricing your home for the buyers’ market is both art and science and it involves many factors. What you owe on the home, what you must earn from the sale, time pressures and many other circumstances all come to bear when setting the asking price for your home.

It is important to remember that there is a difference between the asking price and the selling price. The asking price is what most buyers consider a place to begin negotiations. The selling price is what you absolutely must earn from the sale of your home. How much of a difference there is between the two numbers also depends on many factors.

Tampa home inspectors can help with this decision-making process by providing an accurate, reliable inspection of your home’s overall condition. Knowing your home’s state of repair and any needed upgrades or fixes allows you to better calculate its value. Knowing your home’s value on the market then allows you to use our first home-selling tip.

Tip Number 1: Set your price about 10-15% above the home’s actual value. Then shave between 15-20% from your asking price and begin advertising. You will likely be overwhelmed with prospective buyers and not a few bids that are even higher than your initial asking price above the home’s value. You are the ultimate winner when bidders war against each other and keep raising their offers.

Electrical and Lighting Upgrades

Modern families use more electronics than ever before. Knowing this can be to your advantage as you prepare to sell your home. Tampa home inspectors from Beryl Project Engineering can evaluate your home’s electrical condition as part of a comprehensive home inspection. Older homes may benefit from upgrading the electrical panel and adding more outlets for greater usage levels. Some homes may require upgrades to meet newer electrical codes in your area.

Tip Number 2: Adding more electrical outlets in each room is an incredibly convenient way to upgrade your home for modern families. Other notable electrical upgrades can include more and better lighting throughout the home. Improving lighting can also be achieved by taking down drapes, cleaning windows, changing lamp shades and installing newer, brighter LED bulbs.

The Kitchen Always Matters

Many realtors tell homeowners that to sell their home they must sell the kitchen. It is possibly the most important room in the home. Tampa home inspectors can let you know if your kitchen requires any safety or code-related upgrades. These should always be made first. Use the bulk of any other expenditures you have budgeted for upgrades in the kitchen. Some realtors estimate that even small remodels in your kitchen will return at least 85% of your investment.

Tip Number 3: Paint the kitchen in a neutral color to present a blank palette. Replace all kitchen cabinet hardware. New hardware is almost as good as new cabinetry and much less expensive. A few thousand dollars on new cabinet tops can raise your home’s value as much as $10,000. Another tip is to invest in one fancy stainless steel appliance. It makes the kitchen appear modern and buyers will think all the appliances are expensive, high-end models.

Knowing When and When Not to Make Repairs

Tampa home inspectors can provide reliable, accurate reports on the true condition of your home. This can provide valuable information you can then use to determine what repairs are necessary and which ones are only desired. Quick, small fixes are always desired over major upgrades if possible. Ask your realtor about small changes you can make that will raise your home’s value the most.

Tip Number 4: Don’t Over-Upgrade before selling your home. Small issues matter so make those repairs first. Be strategic in the repairs and changes you make. It may be better to leave some issues for the buyer to repair in exchange for a lower asking price.

Beryl Project Engineering has Tampa home inspectors who can evaluate your home as you prepare to place it on the market for sale. Call today and ask how we can help you with home inspections or our other services.