Insurance umpires and appraisers play an important role in settling insurance damage claims. They are part of the resolution process when a homeowner disagrees with the proposed claim settlement or damage assessment prepared by the insurance company claims adjuster. Insurance umpires and appraisers are vital independent professionals who are charged with settling disputes fairly. 

Umpires and appraisers must possess certain qualifications in order to carry out their tasks. Here are three crucial factors you should look for in umpires and appraisers when seeking their services to resolve a claims dispute. 

Industry Knowledge 

Insurance umpires and appraisers must possess a wealth of industry knowledge relating to their specialty. Home or property damage claims must be evaluated by an appraiser and umpire who has extensive knowledge in construction trades and structural engineering. Their role is to review a previous damage assessment from the insurance company adjuster and compare it with their own assessment to determine quality, thoroughness and fairness. 

Beryl umpires and appraisers possess decades of experience, training and education in construction and structural engineering, as well as knowledge about various levels of home and property inspections. You can rely on an umpire or appraiser from Beryl to have the industry knowledge needed to render an accurate assessment and judgement. 


Independent umpires and appraisers who are to be involved in claims resolutions must be reliable. Working through a property claims dispute should be a timely process that does not place undue strain and delay on the clients or the resolution process. There is no time for umpires and appraisers who cannot keep appointments, be on time or otherwise keep their commitments. 

Independent umpires and appraisers from Beryl Project Engineering know how to keep appointments and commitments. We are committed to serving our clients professionally and promptly. Beryl engineers will work diligently to bring your claims matter to a swift and fair resolution. 


Umpires and appraisers who serve the public in these roles are to be people of integrity. They must be completely independent, impartial and fair in their judgements. This is vital to the entire fair resolution process. Biased umpires and appraisers undermine the entire claims resolution process and bring reproach on the entire industry. 

Beryl representatives who serve as umpires and appraisers are WIND Certified to guarantee their integrity and impartiality. Both a WIND Certified Umpire® and a WIND Certified Appraiser® follow a strict code of ethics to provide the ultimate in fair appraisals throughout the claims resolution process. This advanced training and certification provides homeowners with peace of mind for a fair and equitable resolution. 

For more information about Beryl WIND Certified Umpires and Appraisers in Tampa and Hillsborough County, Florida, call us at 813-616-3301 or send a message online today.