ENDANGERED SEA TURTLES                                                     


  • A generous gift of $2,500 from Beryl Engineering will support The Florida Aquarium’s critical environmental conservation work, improving animal care quality and capacity of the Aquarium’s Animal Response Team.


  • The gift funds the purchase of a syringe pump to help treat rescued threatened and endangered sea turtle species.This is a device used for administering intravenous (IV) fluids, medicines, and food to rescued sea turtle species undergoing rehabilitation at The Florida Aquarium.


  • The Florida Aquarium Animal Response Team responds to and rescues many sea turtles each year.The Aquarium has rescued and returned hundreds of sea turtles to the ocean. Reasons for rescue range from animals being struck by boats and accidental entanglement in fishing line, to cold stun weather events in the northeastern U.S. and ailments from Red Tide exposure.


  • Sea turtles are critical to a healthy planet and often referred to as ‘barometers’ of a healthy ecosystem. These animals fill an important role in oceans globally since they:
    • Feed on ocean jellies (jellyfish) populations that can have a negative impact on ocean ecosystems, such as fish populations, if not kept in-check.
    • Feed on sea sponges, keeping populations in-check so there is adequate space for coral and coral reefs to grow and thrive.
    • Keep seagrass beds healthy and thriving by feeding on and ‘maintaining’ healthy grass growth. Seagrasses are often referred to as the ‘lungs of the sea,’ generating life-giving oxygen for the planet.


  • Generous gifts, such as this one from Beryl Engineering, help ensure The Florida Aquarium’s conservation work continues and expands.Saving species that are often victims of human-made and naturally occurring threats is critical to maintain healthy, thriving oceans and protecting and restoring our blue planet in Tampa Bay and beyond.