203k Inspection | Get Funding for Those Minor Repairs by Seeking a 203k Loan

203k Inspection | Buying a home that needs some repairs can be achieved by using a 203k loan. A 203k loan allows you to borrow money for the price of the home but also money to help with minor renovations that are needed. This means that you can add value to your new home without needing to have all the money available in your bank account.


Before jumping into a 203k loan it is a good idea to have a proper 203k inspection performed. A 203k inspection is a detailed report that does a thorough breakdown of the repairs that are to be made. A 203k inspection is the blueprint for the repairs and should always be a strong consideration when thinking about a 203k loan.


Who Does the Repairs With a 203k Loan

Just because you are the one borrowing the money for the 203k loan, does not mean that you personally must be doing the home repairs. By getting a 203k loan you are simply securing the funds, but you can use the expertise of professional contractors to perform your repairs.


The best option is to get a 203k inspection from Beryl Project Engineering and Inspection prior to completing the 203k loan process. Part of the 203k consultant and inspection process from Beryl is that they will make knowledgeable suggestions to which contractors would be best for your projects. Beryl has been through this process numerous times and so have the contractors that they recommend. The contractors are experienced with the 203k repair process and understand what it takes to get the job done right.

203k loans are a great way to acquire funds for home repairs. To determine what repairs need to be done and how much they are going to cost, it is a good idea to contact Beryl for your 203k inspection needs. Beryl has the experience and proven track record to provide the answers you need. Contact Beryl today!